Monday, February 28, 2011

Say Cheeeeeeeze, Dr. Kracker!

On Sunday my boyfriend and I went to Whole Foods for their "Vegan Fest." Good job, Whole Foods :) Not only did we learn about a few new products (read further down), but we also heard the representatives at each station giving out some really great info to vegan questioners.

So first, we tried a flavor of Field Roast we had yet to try - Mexican Chipotle. Aside from the fact that my boyfriend nearly choked on it because it is wicked spicy and went down the wrong pipe (a very bad combo), we really liked it and thought it would taste great chopped up and added to our Spicy Rotini recipe.

Although they didn't have samples, as we walked down the frozen foods aisle, my eye happened upon Tofurky's latest creation: vegan pizza. Brilliance. We grabbed the "pepperoni" pizza to give it a whirl on a night we're too busy/tired to cook.

As we made our way to the register we happened upon these last gems: Dr. Kracker and Wayfare's Cheeze. Whoa. My mind was blown. I have tried a lot of soy/fake cheeses and I must say I haven't enjoyed a single one. The texture is always a little grainy and because I love cheese oh so much, it just doesn't cut it. This stuff though, whoa. We bought a little container of the Hickory Smoked Cheddar spread which tastes very much like gouda. It's smooth and creamy and has a light smokey flavor. The crackers they were serving the spread on were equally as incredible. Made with a multitude of seeds, these little squares were a little crunchier than your typical cracker, but I liked it better. Check out the websites for Wayfare and Dr. Kracker; both have other products that certainly look worth a try, like Wayfare's nondairy sour cream.

As if it wasn't enough to discover these two new foods, this station also had info and folks from a local vegan Meet-Up and you can be assured that we signed up. This group goes out to eat once a month at a local restaurant and invites about 20-30 vegans in the hopes that restaurants will start to recognize that vegans are in our city and they should provide options. Right up my alley...I'm sure you'll find me at the next event they hold!

All in all, it was an awesome Sunday afternoon!


  1. I just ordered The Un-Cheese Cookbook, and I'll be sure to share! Have you had the Tofutti pizzas? They're almost French-bread style and are a bit spicy. I discovered them right at Hannaford!

    Let me know about those Meet Ups... I joined once, but didn't know anyone (which defeats the purpose, yes).

  2. Will do! We were planning to let you and Erin know about their next event, which is at the Pepper Club :)

  3. I bought the Wayfare Hickory Smoked Cheddar and was impressed too...I was never one for creamy cheeses, but it was a nice alternative to just crackers and hummus...I also liked that it was soy-free and made from oats! I have had success with Rice Dream Vegan sliced cheeses...but you have to prepare them in just the right way. I've found that if you make a grilled cheese sandwich with some sort of sauteed veggie on it, the cheese slices will melt nicely and the strange flavor disappears (I will first saute onions, mushrooms, or artichokes, then remove them from the pan. Next I place the sliced bread spread with Earth Balance in the still hot pan, top each slice with a piece of the cheese, and place the hot veggies back on top to help melt the cheese.) This method really reminds me of the grilled cheese I had as a kid! (but stick to max 2 slices of cheese per sandwich...and the monterary jack is my favorite)

  4. My issue with cheese is that I love the real thing so much that it's sort of a dieting no-no for me. So I don't want to eat a substitute because it will just make me want the real thing that much more! That being said, I did really like the Wayfare's just going to be something we purchase for special events :)