Friday, July 1, 2011

Oreos are vegan?!

...yes. Interestingly enough, there are a myriad of foods we would assume aren't vegan that actually are. I recently attended a meeting where Oreos were passed around and, sweet-tooth never failing me,  I grabbed one. Someone said, "Wait, I thought you were vegan!" with a Ha!-I've-caught-you-red-handed tone of voice.  I told the person to check out the ingredients - not an animal product in sight. The person was shocked...and then a little weirded out that the cream middle of the cookie contains no dairy products at all. Chuckle chuckle.

A while back PETA wrote an article called Accidentally Vegan and listed foods that are vegan without even trying. Below are some of the foods from that list that I found particularly amusing/shocking/strange. Although these foods are vegan, the majority are hella bad for you, so don't get excited and go running out to buy all this stuff - moderation's the ticket! But if you're out somewhere and need a snack, there may be a vegan option lurking right there on the shelf in front of you. Or if you're struggling with bacon cravings (personally, I think the stuff is gross), pour some bacon bits onto your salad. Enjoy the list and check out PETA's article for more!

-Cocoa Puffs
-Nestle Nesquik Chocolate & Strawberry Syrups
-Entenmann's Fudge Delights Fudge & Mint Cookies
-Food Lion Animal Cookies
-Barbeque Fritos
-Keebler Club Crackers
-Kellogg's Unfrosted Blueberry Poptarts
-Nabisco Nutter Butter Sandwich Cookies
-Nabisco Teddy Grahams
-Sun Chips - Original Flavor
-Town House Original Crackers
-Betty Crocker Bacon Bits
-Kraft Creamy Italian Dressing
-Smucker's Marshmallow Icecream Topping
-Krispy Creme Apple Fruit Pies
-Mrs. Smith's Peach Pie Slices


  1. Ha, that's great! The clear winner is the Bacon bits, But it's a little scary to me that only the blueberry unfrosted Pop Tarts are vegan....what's in the strawberry filling??

  2. There are a few other plain poptart flavors that are vegan - I just picked one. If you click the link to the PETA article you can find the rest...I think it was also brown sugar and either cherry or strawberry.

  3. Sadly oreos in the UK aren't even vegetarian... they have some byproduct of veal (animal rennet) in the chocolate, as is the case w/ a lot of chocolate over here. So depressing! I'm not a vegetarian but I was so disgusted by the concept of animal rennet I'm off British oreos now :(

  4. How strange that they make them differently there. Chocolate tastes just fine without animal products in it, especially veal!