Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We'll call it....Neat Joseph!

Last night, after an exhausting day, my boyfriend and I were relaxing and realized we still hadn't eaten dinner around 9pm. I was starving and had NO desire to cook. So, my ingenious boyfriend gets an idea-- he takes a can of Manwich (which, surprisingly, is vegan- no joke!) and cooks it with some left over rice, TVP (he cooked the rice and TVP with a little veggie stock and soy sauce in the microwave first), fresh spinach, and some cayenne pepper. We toasted some bread and made amazing sandwiches!

I was standing there in the kitchen and I said, "Well we just can't call these Vegan Sloppy Joes." I'm tired of naming vegan food after other food that already exists---I don't want it to taste like a real Sloppy Joe...I don't like meat and don't expect or want it to taste like meat. So my boyfriend exclaims, "I've got it! We'll call it Neat Joseph!" Love it.

So we took our Neat Joseph's into the bedroom where the plugin electric heater was warming up the room, shut the doors, dove under the covers, and had dinner in bed while continuing our LOST re-marathon. The sandwiches were wonderfully filling and nice and warm on a bitterly cold night. This was an easy dinner and I totally recommend it for those nights when you're in a rush or just want something fast. And...the awesome part, it was wicked cheap. I mean, think about it- the can of Manwich is less than a dollar and we buy TVP in bulk. Good job, boyfriend :)

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