Monday, June 13, 2011

Kudos to you!

We all have days at work when we feel under-appreciated. Whether you're a CEO at a bank, a bagger at the food store, a manager of an insurance company, a self-employed consultant - you have days when you just feel down in the dumps, as though everyone around you is out to foul you up in some way.

Back when I was working for my alma mater, we started a "kudos board" as a morale booster. Everytime we received praise via email/letter, we were to post the praise on the board. At first, I must admit, I scoffed. "This is really cheesy," I thought. But as the comments were posted and there was literally a visual representation of the good our department was doing, I couldn't help but smile every time I walked by.

Now maybe you work in an office where it's not possible to have a kudos board, or maybe you're just too shy to suggest it. In that case, just open up a Word doc on your desktop - you can save it there instead of your company's server so that it can be private - and start saving every positive comment you receive or hear. You'll start to see the list grow and when you're feeling down or frustrated, open up that document and read through the comments praising your work. You'll find yourself smiling in no time :)

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