Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's the name game!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I have a challenge for you: This past weekend I developed a new cupcake flavor for my little under-ground vegan baking service. It's a graham cracker cupcake, dipped in dark chocolate ganache and topped with peanut butter no-butter cream. Can you say YUM??

This cupcake, in it's pre-vegan carnation was called the "Scooby Cupcake," after my brother, but the name just doesn't fit anymore. That's where you come in - throw me some ideas and, if you're local, maybe you'll get to taste-test the next creation to jump out of the test kitchen!

Let the name-game begin!

Not the best photo, but I promise, it's a super YUMMY cupcake! The cupcake is light and fluffy with a slight graham cracker hint and allows the chocolate and peanut butter combination to be star of the show! Although it's got some really rich flavors, this cupcake is pretty light and won't leave you in a sugar coma.


  1. I say call it something Beatles related like "Savoy truffle." Is that an actual treat anyway? I tried to figure out what the flavors would be from the song, but it doesn't really say. I know it's based on Eric Clapton's chocolate addiction, and it has something to do with the words on a box of chocolate, haha.

  2. It makes me think of snack time. At kindergarten. Graham crackers instantly make me feel like a kid, and peanut butter does too! And chocolate is ALWAYS welcome at any age. But I can't think of a good name for that - Snack Time doesn't cut it. But something along those lines.