Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Laptop Lunchtime!

I pulled a muscle in my back this week (total lamesauce) so my man made my lunch this morning and boy did he do a great job!

Left-over Israeli couscous salad he made last night while I was couch-bound (I won't get everything because I didn't make it, but I believe it includes yellow & orange bell peppers, seitan, broccoli, fresh basil from the Farmers Market - holla! - some white wine and our homemade veggie stock); cherries; chopped carrots & broccoli with Greek hummus

Even though I'm in pain, it sure does bring a smile to my face to open up a lunch this pretty. If you have the time to make your lunch look pretty, DO IT. It just may be the thing that brightens your day :) 


  1. Today I brought my lunch to work in a big tupperware with little compartments (not as cool as your laptop lunchbox though), and it really did make the meal look so much more appealing! My coworkers even came over to comment on how nice it looked. I usually carry several separate tupperwares and eat with the bottoms and lids spread all of the table...what a mess!