Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation Re-Cap

This past week I went on a vacation hiatus ...

Saturday, July 23rd = lots of laziness

Sunday, July 24th = lots of laziness + some errands including a trip to Borders (did you hear? they're closing down) for some discount wins: Moosewood Cookbook, Veganomicon, and Vegan for Life.

Monday, July 25th = Dentist appointment. Tested out my latest cupcake recipe, Salty Pete's Favorite Treat, a chocolate cupcake topped with homemade caramel, sea salt and vanilla no-butter cream - yum! Saw Captain American - kickass!

Tuesday, July 26th = Drove to Brunswick to visit some of my former coworkers - brought cupcakes for taste-testing and there were large grins and "mmmmm's" all around. Dinner at Justin's mom's house for his birthday where we taught her how to make vegan pizza and to her amazement, she really liked it - vegan win! She also took one bite of the cupcake and exclaimed, "These are NOT vegan!" Also taught her that most pestos are not vegan (many contain Parmesan) and that the "Lactose Free" Veggie Shreds cheese at Hannaford actually contains dairy products - yes, read the ingredients. The second one is dried skim milk protein. Ew. She was shocked but now understands the importance of reading the ingredient list and not trusting labels - hooray!

Wednesday, July 27th = Tested out Blueberry Corn Pancake recipe from Veganomicon - FAIL. They came out thin and gloppy, so much for a nice birthday breakfast at home! Walked over to Hot Suppa in town for breakfast, then walked to the Farmers Market. Goodies included 2 lbs of potatoes, a head of kale, a head of rainbow chard, and kohlrabi. Took Justin out for drinks at David's then surprised him with dinner at the Green Elephant...pretty much the only vegetarian/vegan place in town. Then surprised him with drinks and friends at our favorite bar, Local 188. Then went to the Bar of Chocolate for martinis and absinthe with more friends.  Awesome night :)

Farmers Market Goodies

Justin enjoying his birthday dinner

We splurged and got appetizers - mmm!

Thursday, July 28th = Visited Boothbay Harbor where my mom's ashes were scattered 4 years ago. Had a nice lunch on a pretty dock right on the water.

Friday, July 29th = Looked at 2 apartments, fell in LOVE with one and have applied. Currently waiting to see if the landlady picks us (pick us! pick us!). Made Blackberry Whoopie Pies for Justin's birthday.

A baker's fridge is a dangerous place...

Saturday, July 30th = Went tubing on the Saco River with 5 awesome people. Laughed, got wet, relaxed, burned like a lobster, laughed some more.

Sunday, July 31st = Thought a lot about my mom....dreaded the mountain of work waiting for me on Monday.

It was a fabulous week and although I return to work this week, it's a short week because my bestest friend in the world is going to visit me on Friday. I haven't seen her in TWO years. Way too long. But she lives in Japan, so I'll forgive it. I plan to make her a fabulous vegan brunch and show her around town. Can't wait :)

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