Thursday, September 8, 2011

You put what in my wine???

So if you're a newer vegan (or even a seasoned one) you may be surprised to learn that many liquors, beers and wines are NOT vegan. Say what?! That's right friends, at some point someone thought it would be a great idea to filter alcohol through fish bladders, by using gelatin, egg whites, and sea shells. Um, ew. Not cool. Don't even bother checking out the label of the drink you're looking to buy - they aren't required to tell you if animals were used in the filtering process. The only way to know is to ask, as our friends at Barnivore advise.

Barnivore is one of my favorite websites. We like to have a bottle of wine around the house - red and white - to cook with and have the occasional glass. So Justin and I were at Whole Foods the other night looking for wine and I whipped out my iPhone, pulled up Barnivore, and started searching on every label we saw in our price range. We searched....and searched....and searched. After maybe 12 bottles turning up decidedly not vegan friendly, the woman we've dubbed Whole Foods Wine-Lady noticed us and came over to help. She was aware of Barnivore and warned us to check it frequently because apparently some companies will use animal-based filters one year and not the next year...insanity! Thanks for warning us Whole Foods Wine-Lady! We continued searching until finally, as we were about to walk away, defeated by the animal-killing wine selections, the Whole Foods Wine-Lady told us to check out a cab-sav by McManis Family Vineyards. SCORE! We have yet to try it, but at least it's vegan. Score two points for the Whole Foods Wine-Lady!

Next time we plan to buy alcohol, we're going to visit Barnivore FIRST, make a list of a few we want to try and then see if the store has any of them. Then maybe we won't feel so defeated next time! Take a spin around Barnivore sometime - it's a fun website and a fantastic resource for those who want some cruelty-free booze.

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