Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall is in the air

Good morning, friends!

You may notice the new logo at the top of the page (which isn't showing up correctly as of the writing of this post!). It was designed by my lovely fiancé and I think it looks wonderful! Unfortunately, when I tried uploading it to Blogger, it didn't size correctly, so hopefully he can fix it for me when he gets home from work! Fingers crossed.

Me and my man are currently planning a little anniversary vacation for November to Vermont. I was stressing a bit over finding a nice little bed & breakfast that can actually accommodate vegan eaters. The first place I contacted said they weren't open when we're planning to come up but that they'd be able to give us a breakfast of fresh fruit if we visit another time. Now I love fruit - believe me - but if I'm going to spend over $100 a night on a place, I want a little more substance and effort than fresh fruit! So I contacted this place in Vermont and it looks lovely and they can accommodate us easily. Although it might be chilly, we're going to bring a few bottles of wine along with us so we can sit on the deck and look at the stars. I'm tempted to bring our telescope - Fairfax is a sleepy town and I'm sure we'll have a much clearer view of the sky without all of the light pollution we get from living in a city.

So now that we've got our Inn booked, it's time to research restaurants and things to do. Food is important to us - as you may notice from this blog and we like to make sure we know where we can eat before we even get there so that we don't spend a lot of time searching. To my surprise, I've discovered that Burlington looks pretty accommodating. There's a cute little cafe that's 100% vegan called New Moon Cafe - I'm super excited to try their sandwiches and cupcakes - and there's a another fun lunch place called Magnolia Bistro which we were surprised to find a good number of vegan/vegetarian options. For dinner, so far we've found Bite Me Organic Pizza, Bueno Y Sano, and Zabby & Elf's Stone Soup. In other words, we're going to be fine.

All of this got me thinking, are there any 100% vegan bed & breakfasts out there? How successful are they? And....when can I open mine? There actually are several vegan/vegetarian b&bs out there and, although I don't know how successful they are, I have hope. My fiancé and I really want to open a B&B at some point - Salt & Pine Inn and Bakery - likely up the coast of Maine somewhere, maybe Camden. I've had several friends tell me, "Oh, but you'll have to make it at least vegetarian. No one will want vegan food." Um, ex-squeeze-me? Every time J and I make someone brunch they are BLOWN away by how good it is. I have no doubts that people will like our food. And I can run a little bakery out of the kitchen too. We could do wedding packages - how awesome for vegan couples to have a 100% vegan catered wedding at a vegan establishment with vegan innkeepers and, oh, by the way, you want a photographer? J's got that covered. You want a violinist? I've got that covered. BAM! All we need is some money....haha, the hard part! A girl can dream though, right?

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