Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spicy Noodles With Shitake Mushrooms And Mustard Greens

I knew tonight was going to be a hectic one, so as I was leaving work I jumped onto VegWeb to find a quick and easy recipe for dinner. Ta Da - Spicy Noodles with Shiitake Mushrooms and Mustard Greens. We made a bunch of modifications, listen closely:

-Much less rice noodles because 10.5 ounces is A LOT!
-Sans green onions just because we didn't have any
-Dandelion Greens instead of Mustard Greens because Whole Foods didn't have mustard ones
-Serrano chilies because WF didn't have the Thai chilies
-Braggs instead of soy sauce
-Vegan Mushroom Sauce 
-Asian Garlic Chili Paste instead of Sweet Chili Sauce
-No mint leaves
-Added veggies: edamame and broccoli
-Added seitan 

We made it with more liquid so that it was more like a soup and it came out really well - nice and spicy. My fiance didn't like the greens, I of course loved them. I love the slightly bitter taste of them paired with the spice and the sweetness of the carrots. 

I was perusing on of my newest favorite blogs, Vegansaurus, which led me to the blog The Vegan Stoner. This blog is fantastic - all simple, yummy looking recipes with beautiful photos and adorable doodles. The creators are currently working on a cookbook and I'm super excited to see it. We will certainly be trying some of their recipes in the next few weeks! 

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