Monday, April 25, 2011


A week or so ago I was perusing the Internet's vegan recipe offerings when I was reading my friend's blog, Veganoogle, and saw a review for VeganYumYum's Sweet Chili Lime Tofu with Wok Steamed Collards and Quinoa. Done. I've had all the ingredients for a while, but we finally got to it this evening.

This recipe is absolutely a keeper. I had never used the "dry frying" method of preparing tofu, but it worked out really well and I think we'll probably do it again. We actually still pressed the liquid out like we normally do, but it's impossible to get it all out just by pressing. I also love her "tofu math" way of cutting the tofu down into small triangles.

As for the recipe, we made it as is since it was our first attempt, but we'd like to make some changes next time. My fiance thinks kale would taste better (he's not a fan of the earthy underlying taste in collard greens), as Veganoogle suggests, we'd add more garlic, and perhaps some other veggies - shredded carrot, onion, sauteed mushrooms. Rather than make more of the sweet chili lime sauce (which is awesome and could be used in so many other ways), next time we'll just reserve some because we really didn't need to use all of it to glaze the tofu. I also think I'd only use 2 Tbsp sugar in the sauce - 3's a bit much. 

I'd like to try more of VeganYumYum's recipes. We made the Mac & Cheeze (take two) about a year ago and that was pretty good. I'm bummed that it looks like she's stopped posting though; it's a really great blog with some awesome recipes, but it ends in January of 2010 and doesn't pick up again. Bummer. If you click on the archives though, you'll find a really nice listing of some awesome sounding recipes. More reviews of her stuff to come, I'm sure! 


  1. I've been browsing Vegan Yum Yum for a while, and tried that recipe in February! I used kale, and it was splendid! She's stopped posting because she put out a book - AND an iPhone app! It looks pretty nifty!

  2. Does the iphone app have more than her website? I'm tempted to pick up her book - her recipes look lovely. And good to know kale works too, I think we'll try that next time - although I do love collard greens so...maybe a mix!

  3. Thanks for mentioning me in your blog! I have the YumYum iPod app and she seems to have many of the book recipes in the app (plus more!).

  4. Oooo good to know! Maybe I will add that one - I just got my iPhone so I'm learning all these new-fangled tricks :)