Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vegan Fashions

Last night I visited the Walking Company to check out their Danskos and they have a wonderful wall of 100% vegan Danksos. I already own a pair of Danskos that are leather, and although I feel like a big hypocrite, I do still wear them. They're super comfortable and will hold up for years, I'm told. Which is a plus when they come with a $120+ price-tag.

I purchased a pair of the Sissy style shoes for the summer/work and in my confusion thought they were vegan because the sign said "Veg-tan Leather," but alas, after some research at home, I have discovered that they are indeed leather. <Sigh>. And yes, I'm still getting them.

I was sad when I did try on the vegan clog by Dansko. My foot will not go in - I mean, not even close. I have very high insteps and the front of the shoe just comes up too far for me to be able to stick my foot in. Major bummer. I was just looking on Zappos though and found the Veda style which laces up and it's only $70 on there (cheap for Danskos) so I think I'm going to get a pair of those for the summer.

I have an AWFUL back and these shoes are seriously a life saver for me. I had my desk converted to a standing work-station at work and now I stand for a majority of the day. I can't do heels anymore. I still have all of my high heels, of course, because I'm a girl and it pains me to give them away (though it also pains me to open my closet and see them all staring back at me).

I would love to own all vegan shoes by Dankso, but until they make ones that are appropriate for work that I can actually squeeze my foot into, I don't have many choices. I think this last pair will be my last leather purchase though and perhaps I'll start looking for a similar brand that has vegan options and work appropriate shoes.

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