Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Potatoes & Plantains

So now we've tried two of Vegan Stoner's recipes and we can officially say these two writers know their stuff! On Sunday we went on a nice picnic on the coast with some friends (we brought Post Punk Kitchen's Quinoa Puttanesca - definitely worth a try if you like olives and capers) and later that night we wanted something snacky. So we chopped up the two plantains we'd bought earlier in the weekend and popped them in the oven to make Vegan Stoner's Plantain Chips with Guacamole. Whoa! Mind blowing. Such a simple, cheap snack that was easy and quick to make It would be great for company or when you just need to nom something. Om nom nom plantain chips!

I had an amazing day at work today. I mean, we're talking an everything-going-right kind of day, but it was still exhausting. I didn't really feel like taking an hour to cook so I grabbed two russet potatoes from the cabinet and brought up Vegan Stoner's Baked Lentil Potato on my iPhone. As usual, I made several modifications - I added cumin, veggie ground, salt, pepper and half a can of diced tomatoes since we didn't have salsa. Outcome - awesomeness. We served it with a crisp kale salad which offset the heaviness of the potato. We both really enjoyed it, though I may experiment with using other types of potato in the future.

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