Sunday, May 8, 2011

Boston, here I come!

I'm spending the next two days in Boston at a conference for work and naturally I'm a bit worried about the food choices that will be available to me at the hotel. I did mark "vegan" under "Dietary Needs" on the registration sheet, but still....I'm not so confident that the Radisson will be prepared; so I am going prepared!

Yesterday I went to Whole Foods and picked up a few Primal Strips, a kaia fruit leather, 2 Larabars and some trail mix.

My stash

I was reading My Vegan Corporate Life  and blogger Danielle was talking about facing the same fear on her business trip to Disney World. She delightfully found a warm and accepting food staff who completely catered to her needs. The Radisson is a far cry from Disney - but who knows, I might be completely surprised! Reports to follow - stay tuned! 

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