Friday, May 13, 2011

Radisson Let Down

Just as I'd suspected, the Radisson had no idea how to accommodate a vegan. I showed up on Monday morning after a 2 hours bus ride and found a long table with breakfast before me. Our options: egg bagels with cream cheese or butter, danishes, muffins, and yogurt with fresh fruit in it. So close, Radisson, so close! All you needed to do was to have yogurt and fruit separated so that people could choose one or the other or mix them on their own. What was disappointing was that they should have been prepared for a vegan in the crowd since I'd filled out a form in advance that asked me about dietary restrictions! 

I dropped by their lunch and saw sandwiches...yes, there was a vegetarian option with cheese, but no, there were no vegan options. At afternoon snack time, they offered power bars, and comically choose ones that all contained some version of milk. Oy! 

So out into the city I went! The first day, I met with my friend Kelly for lunch at this little Thai place for some delicious pad thai. That night, we ventured to Cambridge for dinner at The Friendly Toast where I had the Vegan Vahalla with sweet potato fries (if you've never been to The Friendly Toast - GO. There is one in Cambridge and one in Portsmouth, NH. It's totally worth the drive - this was my second trip and I certainly see more to come!). The following morning I had one of my Larabars for breakfast and then met Kelly at an Italian restaurant across the street called Vapiano's. I was craving something super healthy and went for the salad which was wonderfully refreshing. When I asked the girl to leave out the parm and mozz cheese, she looked at me like I was from Mars. "Do you want to add some chicken to it instead?" NO! 

My yummy salad!

Vapiano's $5.95 lunch specials...not a lot of options, but it is very easy to convert a lot of their items and they seem very happy to do it! 

Oh well! All in all, the trip was great, the conference was super informative and it was fantastic seeing friends I rarely get the chance to visit. I am however, very disappointed in the Radisson and you can be sure that I made mention of their failed food options when they emailed me a survey! 

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