Thursday, September 22, 2011

Support local music and buy a cookie while you're at it!

This coming Wednesday you are going to want to be in Portland for the Selbyville CD release show with Plains and DJ Old Furnace.

Selbyville is a local band with members Derek Kimball (of Last House Productions), Artie Fischer (of Tea First Records), and Michael Kamin, who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. This is Selbyville's 5th release, titled "Mansions," and the group will perform live at the Apohadion to celebrate. YAY! They'll be joined by Plains (Erin Sprinkle, Dave Noyes, Pat Corrigan, Jeremy Robinson, and Jerusha Robinson) and DJ Old Furnace who I've never heard, but will probably love since I already love the other two bands!

Justin and I are very good friends with Derek Kimball and his lady, Erin Sprinkle - by very good friends, I pretty much mean we're like family. I was nervous, but I got up the courage and asked if he thought it would be cool if I baked up some of my vegan awesomeness (become a fan if you haven't yet!) to sell at the show. My inquiry was greeted with open arms and I'm officially baking for the show. Woot woot!

The question now is: What do I bake? I'm thinking about doing mini cupcakes, perhaps the pumpkin/apple topped with a nice vanilla no-butter cream frosting and then some cookies. Awesome Crunch is definitely one of the most popular cookies I make, so maybe that.

Awesome Crunch

I was also thinking it might be fun to try to do Selbyville's album cover on a sugar cookie, but that might prove to be fairly difficult as it's a fairly intricate design. We'll see! I like a good challenge. The last time I did this, it was for Last House Production's premier of The Bully at SPACE Gallery and I was able to do the movie's poster on sugar cookies pretty successfully.

Sugar Cookies from The Bully premier

Whatever I end up doing, I'm excited. I'm stoked to hear some amazingly talented musicians play their hearts out, ready to hang out with friends, and so happy I can share some of my baking with people (it's been a while). I'm sure Justin will have his camera in tow, so I'll be sure to report to you after the show on Wednesday! And...if you're in the Portland area - COME!

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