Monday, April 23, 2012

Have I told you lately.... much I LOVE Alec Baldwin and HATE circuses?

Alec Baldwin is seriously THE MAN. He's attractive (and might I say, aging very well), a great actor (who doesn't love 30 Rock?), the new narrator of the US version of Frozen Planet (yay! no more Oprah!), an animal rights activist, and vegan, to boot. Recently, Peta released a video with Mr. Baldwin highlighting the horrors of circuses - mainly those related to elephants. See for yourself...

The sad part is - I can post this as much as I want, but the people who need to see it, will not watch it. And that bums me out. Recently, the circus (otherwise known as animal-cruelty-with-audience-participation) came to my town of Portland, Maine and I had the urge to get out there and protest. I didn't in the end, because honestly, I know that it won't change people's minds. It won't get them to suddenly see the light or understand why it's such a deplorable source of entertainment (it pains me to call it entertainment). I don't know how we can get families with screaming two-year-olds and expendable income to stop putting up blinders and educate themselves. I think our energy is better spent trying to change laws and trying to get this country to outlaw circuses that use animals all together.

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